We invite you in the world of the special matured steak meat. We are the first Middle Eastern butcher and one of the few locations in Bucharest, which matures steak directly at that the location, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rigorous process.

Dry Aged – tenderizing during maturation by drying the meat with Himalayan salt.

Enzymes are biological molecules that speed up the reaction. If traditional maturation of the meat by drying enzymes found naturally in meat (calpain and cathepsins) break down collagen, resulting in meat products while tender, without modifying the structure of muscle fibbers.

The disadvantage is the long time required (20 days) and the loss of at least one third of meat by lowering and by having to cut the surface layer before preparing the meat for consumption. At maturation, by suitable drying means large pieces of meat such as tenderloin, sirloin, rump, etc.

In order to achieve maturation by drying (dry aging), the pieces of meat are kept hung or placed on the outer surface so that all of the slats are free to avoid decomposition due to the action of fungi that can develop. In prolonging maturation, sometimes up to 45 days, develop fuller flavours, but the meat becomes more tender.

We chose to sweep meat least 28 days, and prepare for the most demanding client T-bone steak and seasoned minimum 40 days and cut Florentine style, respective to a thickness of 5 cm.

The superiority of maturated seasoned steak consists of a more intense taste, due to loss of about 10% moisture, a highly softness on tearing muscle fibbers that process natural chemical and more juicy, due to dehydration fat meat, making it “ creamier “.