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Shawarma Masters come to Bucharest to provide of all permanent source of our butchery because only here they will find the best meat, with delicious taste and quality guaranteed 100%, which makes it excellent for preparing kebab, and Shawarma.

Shawarma recipe by the booket-doner

It all comes from us to provide the highest quality of beef, mutton, chicken, coming from own slaughterhouses carefully controlled based on the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

After boning and removal of any kind of impurity, the seasoned meat is carefully selected and put to soak for 12 hours, following compliance with a traditional Turkish recipe, passed down from father to son.

Macerated pieces of meat are then stacked to form of a Doner, which is heat treated by freezing at -40 degrees Celsius to preserve the freshness of meat throughout the period of use.
Doner storage is obtained at -24 degrees Celsius freezer rooms carefully monitored by heat, the latest technological systems.

tavuk-donerStandards compliance, quality guarantee

In all stages of preparation of the Doner – reception of raw materials, boning, soaking, heat treatment, packing and delivery – follow rigorous observance of all sanitary norms. Above this, we respect Muslim tradition and guarantee the finished product after the HALAL standard. We guarantee quality and freshness every time and every the Doner comes out of our production unit.

Our fast distribution system

Doner delivery of shawarma is also made with the best standards of hygiene and quality we promise the shortest time for deliveries. Our fleet consists of refrigerated vehicles, which keeps products in optimal conditions throughout the transportation to the partner locations.

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