About AYT Leader Group – Excellence through passion!

AYT companies are united under the umbrella of Ayt Lider Grup with an activity of over 20 years in Romania, in a series of related industries and beyond, who have in common the respect and consideration for the customer.

Our mission

To constantly improve product quality and the services we deliver to customers through a permanent adaptation to the needs and evolution of their lifestyle. We aim to implement the highest standards of quality, vigilantly watching every detail of the production, distribution and marketing. All these are to be treated with strict regard for the consumer.

The values

A consumer society based on principles of healthy growth, built on agricultural development and infrastructure services provided locally. Values ​​we believe in the most are: high quality products, customer care, meeting deadlines, professionalism of our employees.

AYT Lider Grup is actively involved in the development of important sectors of the Romanian economy, it is represented in Romania by:

HALAL SLAUGHTERHOUSES and BUTCHERIES, manufacturer and distributor of meat and products derived from locally-sourced, with the most stringent certifications in the veterinary field;
SUPERMARKET AYT, network outlets for healthy and quality products, locally-sourced, and oriental;
AYT DISTRIBUTION, own fleet of delivery vehicles in the best conditions for transporting food from local farms and slaughterhouses until they arrive at AYT stores and supermarket;

AYT Lider Grup, a truly European company

The quality and safety of our products is certified at a European level. We are a company certified in the quality domain, food safety and environment. The certifications are proof that we have our daily mission to provide consumer trust and security needed to purchase their favourite food:

  • Integrated quality management and hygiene: EN ISO 9001: 2008
  • Managament of Food Safety System: ISO 22000: 2005
  • Environmental standard EN ISO 140001: 2005